[h6]WhO WE ARE[/h6]
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NYABJ is a network of media professionals who advocate on behalf of black journalists in the New York City area. We are also an affiliate chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ). In 2013, we were named professional chapter of the year and in 2014, we were a finalist for that same honor. 
[h6]WHAT WE DO[/h6]
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NYABJ is one of the the most active local chapters of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ), which boasts 3,300 members and is the world’s largest organization for journalists of color. Founded in 1976, NYABJ has a legacy of providing professional and moral support to its members. Our ranks include reporters, editors, photographers, graphics editors, art directors, public relations professionals, students and academics. Throughout each year, we offer professional development workshops, writing and editing seminars, career assessment sessions and informational forums on fellowships nationwide.


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Our committees include an active and vocal Media Watch committee, which closely monitors local news organizations to point out racially insensitive coverage; an Africa/Caribbean Outreach committee that informs members and the public about issues affecting the African diaspora; a Programming committee that coordinates panels, screenings and other projects focusing on issues of interest to members and the black community; and a Student Services committee that helps future journalists excel.

[list style=”unordered” type=”type-1″]Student Services gives thousands of dollars in scholarships and its annual eight-week journalism workshop for high school students helps to build a foundation for understanding news careers.Find out more about the chapter and how you can get involved.


2016-2017 Julie Walker Current President

2012-2015 Michael Feeney

2006-2011 Gary Anthony Ramsay

2003-2005 Matthew Scott

2002-2003 Errol Cockfield

2001-2002 Dwight Oestricher

1999-2000 Pamm Troutman

1997-1998 Curtis Taylor

1995-1997 Robin Stone

1993-1994 Yanick Rice Lamb

1991-1992 Anthony Carter Paige

1989-1990 Sheila Stainback

1988-1989 Eric Tait

1987-1988 Yanick Rice Lamb

1986-1987 Charles T. Moses

1985-1986 Jill Nelson

1983-1984 A. Peter Bailey

1977-1982 Vince Sanders Founding President