What is NYABJ?

NYABJ is the local chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) in New York and is a network of media professionals who advocate on behalf of black journalists in the New York City area. We provide quality programs and services for members to address our common concerns and goals. Our members include reporters, editors, photographers, graphics editors, art directors, public relations professionals, students and academics.


What are the benefits of being a member of NYABJ?

Being a member of NYABJ puts you in a network of media professionals that can lead to so many opportunities. Whether you looking to grow your own professional network, searching for a job in media, want to get connected with local journalists or have an interest in diversity in journalism, NYABJ has a place for you. Of course, membership also has its privileges. As a paid member you will have access to discounts to NYABJ events and professional development programs. Members can also join the chapter in activities around the city including free movie screenings, book signings and other select events.


How can I become an active member of the chapter?

Your talents and abilities are crucial to NYABJ’s mission and goals. The best way to utilize those skills as a member is to join a committee that best fits you. We have several committees including, membership, fund-raising, communications, programming, awards and our annual High School Journalism Workshop. Joining a committee maximizes your experience as a member.


What types of events does NYABJ hold?

Throughout the year NYABJ hosts several events to serve our members, including, professional development seminars, community programs and social gatherings targeted toward Black media professionals. Our general body meetings are also a great way to get connected with other members.


Do I have to pay dues to NYABJ if I am a member of  NABJ?

Yes. Along with paying annual membership dues to NABJ, you must pay annual membership dues to NYABJ. However, if you prefer, you can pay membership dues to NYABJ only. You are not required to be a member of the national organization to join the local chapter.


I am not a journalist. Do I qualify for membership to NYABJ?

Yes. NYABJ is open to anyone with an interest in helping the chapter meet its mission and goals. Our members work in various fields looking to get connected with media professionals. We welcome diverse talent from anyone who feels they have something to contribute to our ongoing efforts.