President’s Greetings

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To the members of The New York Association of Black Journalists and its supporters,

  Welcome to 2021 and continued growth for NYABJ in the wake of a pandemic. Thank you for your ongoing support as we look forward to more successful collaborations in 2021. 

   Hosting a meeting or inviting NYABJ to your event will put you in contact with nearly 200 paid members and thousands of online followers. We are always looking for ways to work with anyone that will help us enrich our membership. We will also be looking to recruit members in the metro New York media scene who are hosting podcasts, radio shows and digital magazines. 

   Along with outreach, we will be looking to fill the committees of NYABJ. We are the largest affiliate chapter of NABJ in the #1 media market in the world and our committees should reflect that. There are numerous ways to lend a hand to NYABJ. The board is made up of volunteers who have jobs and lives and other interests as we all do. As we lay out the agenda for 2021, please look for ways to contribute to the success of our organization in the coming decade. 

   Thanks again for you support and we look forward to seeing you all year!


Vance Lang

President, New York Association of Black Journalists

Technical Director – CBS News

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